5 Reasons Farmers are considering farm scale anaerobic digestion


  1. Reduction of Energy Bills – The main reason given was financial and given that energy costs are rising quickly and forecast to do so in the future, generating your own renewable energy and offsetting future energy costs is a priority.
  2. Lowering Carbon Emissions – Dairy farming has unfairly come in for criticism regarding CO2 and the supply chain is reacting to this, so the potential to reduce the farm’s carbon footprint by up to 30% makes a lot of sense, with some milk buyers such as Arla suggesting it may pay more for milk that has come from a low carbon farm.
  3. Reducing Fertiliser – Digestate (slurry that has been through the digester) is an excellent fertiliser as the nutrients become more readily available for good grass growth, this can lead to reduced fertiliser costs.
  4. Circular Farming – In these environmentally conscious times it is a good idea to maximize what resources we have on the farm and turning waste into energy shows how farming can become more sustainable.
  5. Diversification – With volatile milk costs and rising energy costs it’s good to have another income stream that isn’t as dependent on trading and can provide a steady profit with a good Return on investment.




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